Environmental sustainability of shrimp farming in malaysia economics essay

Environmental Pollution

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Environmental issues in Thailand

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Malaysia is commonly practise on brackish water, fresh water and marine aquaculture. According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation), brackish water is a predominant practise in Malaysia.

In this research, the study will focus on shrimp farming in brackish water aquaculture activity. Thailand is a leading producer and exporter; other major shrimp producing countries are China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Besides that, Japan is the world second largest in shrimp consumption. Aquaculture’s rapid growth initially led to several adverse environmental impacts, but these effects have since been reduced; for example, by slowing conversion of mangroves to shrimp ponds and by reduced reliance on wildcaught fish as feed.

Mangrove Threats and Solutions.

Freshwater Shrimp Farming – Harvesting Storage & Economic Feasibility

Shrimp Farming. By far the greatest threat to the world's mangrove forests is the rapidly expanding shrimp aquaculture industry. Hundreds of thousands of acres of lush wetlands have been cleared to make room for artificial ponds that are densely stocked with shrimp.

This essay was published in May. The analysis revealed that the internal benefits of developing the shrimp farm are higher than the internal costs in the ratio of However, when the wider environmental impacts are more comprehensively evaluated, the external benefits are much lower than the external costs in .

Environmental sustainability of shrimp farming in malaysia economics essay
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