Culinarian cookware pondering price promotion essay

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Culinarian Cookware: Pondering Price Promotion

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CONSUMER BEHAVIOR B Spring New York University – Stern School of Business Professor Tom Meyvis Consumer Behavior Office: Tisch Monday/Wednesday Case Analysis Culinarian Cookware: Pondering Price Promotion Situation Summary As a market leading brand primarily focusing in designing, Culinarian Cookware Essay Situation: Culinarian Cookware produces premium performance cookware.

It occupied % market share, which is the highest among the premium lines. Drawing on the assigned case article “Culinarian Cookware: Pondering Price Promotion,” this short essay firstly demonstrates the consumer behaviour in the cookware market and tackles how cookware is bought and sold, as well as what the implications for Culinarian’s marketing strategy are as follows.

Though there was dispute as to whether the promotion of was profitable, due to our analysis of the promotion and the current state of the cookware market we believe that there is room for a price promotion within Culinarian’s strategic objectives.

Date Topic THE MARKETING CONCEPT Read K & K Ch. 1: p. Course website on Blackboard 1/17 COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE K & K Ch.

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Culinarian cookware pondering price promotion essay
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